Software Installation

IT Utilise provide a proficient software installation service to all our clients, whilst educating and eradicating any confusion around types of software and installation. To prolong the life of your PC or laptop, it is essential software installation is maintained and installed correctly. Improper installation can lead to your system becoming volatile and may cause the breakdown. We offer complete assurance; all software installed by IT Utilise will be accurately installed and fully compatible with the operating system in use. Furthermore, any future updates will be accommodated by us as part of the service.

Our software installation includes:

Full system inspection to ensure your PC or laptop meets the criteria to run the specific software, before installation, configuration and registration of your new software. Recommend updates to hardware if required for the smooth running of the new software. Review for any disagreements with other software already installed on your device and install new updates when available. Additional setup for online accounts such as email Yahoo, MS Outlook or Hotmail also feasible. This also includes configuration of your existing company email accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: IT Utilise will only install software with a valid Activation key and serial number. Only genuine programs will be installed.