Call Out Charges:
A call out fee is chargeable for an engineer to attend your premises. This is a set amount of £60 for each call out and is chargeable in addition to the cost of work.

The cost of work carried out at your premises is charged at £60 per hour, for each number of hours we are working on your premises.

For example:
Call out fee £60, plus 1 hour of work on your premises: £60 + £60 = £120 (+VAT)

Remote Support
We charge a minimum fee for remote support at £60 per hour. Please note, even if the fault has been resolved within half an hour you will still be charged the minimum fee of £60.

For example:
Remote support for 2 hours: £60 + £60 = £120 (+VAT)

**Please be advised all prices are subject to VAT which will be charged at 20%